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Leandro’s passion for nature had already taken him all over the world. By then he had also written several pieces of music celebrating the beauty of the Amazon jungle and the vast deserts of Africa. Now it was time to go back and do some filming. His first short documentary won first prize at the London Film Festival; and by 1990 he had already won several major awards, including “Video Filmmaker of the Year” by BBC Wildlife Magazine for his documentary skills in his video, “There’s a Place.”

In 1990 he made his first underwater documentary, which he wrote, narrated, edited, performed and for which he composed the music.

It was during these years that he decided to devote all his spare time to the underwater world.

Leandro has received over 50 international awards for his documentaries, and his music scores have been acclaimed by magazines like Billboard. He is also an honorary member of The Royal Photographic Society, for his photography in the video “Just Passing By Too.”

In 1999, he received one of the most important underwater video awards at Antibes for the film, “Missing You.” Since then he has been the only person to have won this prestigious award seven consecutive times.

Leandro has also co-produced several documentaries on the Maldives with the renowned underwater photographer Michael Aw. His latest work, “24 Hours Beneath a Rainbow Sea,” was bought by The National Geographic Channel and has aired worldwide.

In 2002, for the first time in the history of the Antibes festival, the judges granted him a special prize for his three videos “Ocean Chronicles,” “Shame On You” and “With the Flow” “for his creative expression and his commitment to the protection of the environment.”

Photographers like David Doubilet and legendary filmmakers like Stan Waterman, have praised his work.

In 2004 Leandro was named diver of the year in the United States at BTS (Beneath the Sea) in New York for his contribution to the art of filmmaking. Stan Waterman recently said, “Leandro is truly an original artist with mastery of all components of underwater videography. His work is an inspiration for me.”

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