Guidelines & Suggestions for Submissions

  • Please keep films under five minutes in length. Films around three minutes in length are preferred and strongly encouraged.
  • Try to edit your shots in such a way that the transitions are smooth and there is very little jumpy camera movement.
  • Select your clearest and best shots to include in your finished film.
  • Use a soundtrack that contributes well to the intended mood and atmosphere of your work.
  • Do not violate ANY legal right--copyrights, personal or property rights or any other right--in your finished production.
  • Please do not compress either the video or audio portion of your submission.
  • Include a brief informational sheet with your submission that lists the title of the film, name of the filmmaker(s), running length of the film and a brief biographical write-up of the filmmaker(s) for inclusion on our FilmMakers page. A photo in JPEG format is requested.
  • Please feel very free to contact us if you have questions, need further information or wish to submit your work!





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