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Divefilm.com is a website dedicated to showcasing short underwater video on the internet. We've been streaming short underwater video on the web since 2000, and were one of the first websites to do so. We've been video podcasting at iTunes since 2005, and were the first podcast of underwater video to be featured at iTunes. In 2007, we launched the first high definition podcast of underwater video to be featured at iTunes, DiveFilm HD Video Podcast.

DiveFilm's focus is to present short underwater films from filmmakers around the world. Our intent is to encourage and promote a creative approach to underwater imaging and editing, taking into consideration the unique aspects of the venue and technology involved.

If you are an underwater imager and would like to contribute your work, or have questions about how to do so, I'd love to hear from you. Please go to the Submit page for further information and assistance.

All feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Also, if you are having difficulty viewing the films, please let me know. Contact DiveFilm.

Hope you enjoy the films!
Mary Lynn Price




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